Top 10 Restaurant in Sylhet City | Best Restaurants in Sylhet City

01. Woondaal King Kebab

There are so various great Bangladeshi restaurants in this town, but like all lonely planet drones, I thought I would give it a whirl. This is REALLY overrated. The food is good, but not great. Service is indifferent and rates are high for Bangladesh. Be independent and create your own fav local restaurant here. The food is very good at Woondaal King Kebab Restaurant.

02. Hot Spot

Well, known and famous Hotel & restaurant in Sylhet. It is always crowded with its customers. All Bangladeshi foods are available here. Hotel Oriental is well decorated with a neat and clean environment. It has four floors. Almost 300 people can visit & eat at a time. It is secured by CC Cameras. It is an ideal hotel for visitors. Free wifi is available here.
And the amazing thing is morning Breakfast is free also

03.Tha Mad Grill

Food was absolutely fantastic, words can’t describe how succulent and tender the chicken tasted and the naga chicken was on point. I highly recommend visiting The Mad Grill when your next in Sylhet Bangladesh 🇧🇩. Excellent nans, Tarka dal and naga chicken. Go before closing time as dishes usually run out. Good small food, light meals, not your usual heavy Bangladeshi meal

04. Kababia

It’s an Asian establishment that mostly serves Indian food. It is established at Subhanighat and earned currency within a very short span of time. Hydrabadi biriyani is their trademark dish, and also attends marvelous tender and juicy kabab dishes like Tangri kabab, chicken I kabab, etc. Their peri coward is the most reliable in town though, there are entirely a few more establishments serve this beauty in Sylhet. A whole meal will require about BDT300-500 per person. Their mocktails, coffee, and juices are worth studying but the cookies are not up to the sign. The establishment is very spacious and can surely accommodate 80 to 100 personalities which makes this area suitable for parties and offices. The service is also top-notch as one staff member is helpful and available to help the consumers in every function.

05. Panshi Restaurant

Quite a popular community, so I was actually contemplating forward to it. My cousin frequently visits with bookings. Looks OK including its appointments unexpectedly from the outside (see photo)! Seating extreme, downstairs as well as upstairs. This’s where we denoted seated (upstairs). 8 family members. The main server was rushing and I had to warn him negatively to brush my arm after it happened threefold – I happened to eat and it was much irritating. Almost caused a disturbance but the director stepped in, withdrew and replaced him including an exceptional waiter. The food implied so so. Can only recommend from the cookies with an orange juice

06. Eatopia

for years-long, the Woondal is famous for its authentic true Indian food. their Chicken korai, chicken short and assorted mix kebab platter ara some must-try items. also Hydrabadi biriyani and Dal Makhani are delicious to taste. Came to destroy here with buddies and family whilst on the festival, chicken tikka masala, and garlic Nan. Very observant waiters. No mosquitos and really unmistakable, one of the nicer populations to eat for foreigners in Sylhet. Highly commended.

07. Pizza Hut

Straight up blank like the u.k bought the 8 pieces no chips no sides no drink, had to pay extra they did have mayo did have to ask for it they carry for it but had it appreciative can’t complain it during Bangladesh Going to try special Pizza Hut alongside couple dates

08. Sip Coffee

A pretty tiny drink store with exclusive 4 tables I implied taken by the guide I was very encouraging. I ordered iced cold beverage while I filled there remaining in this air-conditioned room while outside its approximately 31 Degrees Celsius, my Allah, there were buyers coming in plus out so there’s requirement be good! Ok, now my cuppa came wow!! It signified the best-iced beverage I had I was taken by blow, while my time out there I went in almost every day… well-done boys for devising something distinctive in Sylhet.

09. Shuktara Nature Retreat

This is by far in Bangladesh standard a perfect Boutique Resort. They tried to keep it as natural as possible with minimal impact to the tilla and the forest, Opened opportunity for the local community to work here. Strongly suggest the Bungalows as the view is quite serene. The room and facility is nothing exceptional and can be improved. The food is homely and the best thing is the stuff they have.

10. Panshi Restaurant

After the day trip to several tourist spots in Sylhet, we had dinner in Panshi Restaurant. The waiter happened quite active and completed pretty hot and Mouthwatering food largely Pigeon, Koyel, Beef, and Chicken. Highly recommended for all to have at least lunch or dinner.Amazing food great Taste especially the tandoori chicken. The staff was well accommodating. The curry was nice as well.

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