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01. Serena

It’s in a safe climate. Nice old unique building. Staff is helpful, particularly in F&B. I believed people called as a 5-star hotel. I produce a negative understanding of the idea of hows the Muslim region countries get level qualifications to get a star. As my perception externally liquor facility, none of the hostels will be restricted to become a 5-star standard. Notwithstanding Kabul space, we can call this is a fabulous thing for competent’s like heaven here in Kabul, though you noiseless don’t feel 100% protected even when middle, having just local security is not a very reassuring factor. most importantly is the right slow services produced, you guys have great tasting food but you want to get your services addressed faster, no point in me sitting there for 20 expecting to manage and another 30 Mts presently to notice my french fries.

02. Bamyan Royal Hotel

Bamyan Royal Hotel attractiveness each guest including unequaled comfort in 42 guest rooms and sumptuous suites with private decks presenting a breathtaking view of the Buddha statue and picturesque views of the nearby Gholghola City. If you’re hither on business, the high-speed internet access in your room and WiFi access in the public areas of the hotel allow guests to always stay connected

03.Alcove Restaurant

On my including my colleague’s birthday, my companions and I determined to try out a new restaurant, the Alcove Restaurant, inside the 4-month-old hotel Hateel Airport Hotel on Airport Road. We were thoughtfully surprised! The very beneficial and helpful servant, Jhantu, willingly took our long request list of N. Indian masterpieces although they happened not homogeneous on the menu and summoned us to give him a few times to run to the business to get the ingredients to adjust the meal and drinks we had petitioned. Our group of 4 ordered coward and vegetable pakoras, butter chicken masala, lamb masala, daal, chana masala, aloo paratha, clean carrot/cucumber/lettuce/tomato salad, new sweet and salty lassi, and chai masala. They even transported out a birthday cake for dessert and served it with the chai. The chef, Bipin, came out of the pantry to meet us and then worked magic and mixed up a delightful meal in 30 minutes while we sipped the delicious fresh lassi he made and Jhantu gave us a tour of the Hotel assumptions. Even the Operation Manager, Lalit, came out to meet us. We felt like we were encouraging and eating with friends and were very relaxed on the comfortable red velvet sofas and chairs near the dining room. The only cynical point was that my colleagues were particularly upset that we were debited for 2 fates of each dish we designed instead of one portion since we had paid for more food than we could eat. With a 15% commission, we paid $158.95 for a meal for 4 people

4. Vila Velebita

Vila Velebita offers the Italian and Croatian menu. The background is nice, with a lively atmosphere and friendly service. The food is wonderful, with al dente pasta, the best pizzas in Kabul, and numerous other dishes. Whiskey is available. Rates are a bit high but reasonable for the local market.

5.Kabul Afghanistan Restaurant

Kabul Afghanistan has been popular for many years–for the quality of food, we offer at pocket-friendly prices. From the variety of fresh-from-the-farm chicken and mutton dishes, we also offer an ample range of delicious, fish cuisines that will make you taste them to satisfy those cravings! Our flavors are sure to make a permanent impression on your mind and we guarantee your secondary visit!

6. Sufi

The Sufi Restaurant in Kabul is the most excellent restaurant in Afghanistan. The food is amazing and they have a large selection on the menu. I got the staff to be very friendly and nice. If thee are looking for a great dinner and some relaxing atmosphere than the Sufi Restaurant in Kabul is the place to go

7.Tim’s French Bakery

Tim’s were a pleasant surprise, with comfortable chairs and a television upstairs, open-air seating, fast and free Wi-Fi, excellent coffee, friendly servers (one loaned me an electrical adapter when I realized I’d forgotten mine), and a commonly nice, relaxing atmosphere. The flowers are a nice touch, too.

8. Le Bistro Kabul – French Cuisine

A small difficult to find from the street. It is inside a courtyard down a side road. But well worth the find. Excellent food and service. Wine and slops available if you are a foreigner. Nice and comfortable inside. Very relaxing atmosphere. Great selection of food. Highly recommend.

9.Kabul Star Hotel & Restaurant

only stayed here two nights but the area was good as it was really close to everywhere I wanted to be in share now. kind of in the midst of the city. The hotel itself was good, comfortable, and had a good night’s sleep. two issues though 1 I was disappointed there were no irons in the rooms and none at the front desk you could use temporarily. so I had to go find a dry cleaner to get any things ironed which was a hassle. and two the velvety blankets they have on beds are nice and comfy but I don’t feel comfortable using the same blanket that another person has used. I know for the country this is normal and they over extra sheets if you want but it would be much better if the blankets had duvet covers so that once on you at night they would not slip off furthermore once a guest checked out they could be easily removed and washed. other than that the hotel was good and quiet and comfortable.

10.Istanbul Restaurant

The food was good and the restaurant was clean and had a good layout. During Ramadan, there is a good buffet for iftar, which is nice and family-friendly. The staff is sweet and helpful. I highly extremely end to anyone visiting Kabul.

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