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Location in Qargha Dam

The dam was formed in 1933. It has a height of 30 metres. The dam length is 450 metres and the width is 8 metres. Their way of the dam which was damaged has since been restored. he lake water spread area behind the dam is 5,000 hectares (12,000 acres).[2] The reservoir was developed for the purpose of play in the 1950s when Daud was the President of the country. It is now a popular picnic area, especially on Friday’s when it is visited by a large number of picnickers.[4] During the Seventh Fiver Plan of the country, the collected water from the dam was planned for supplying drinking water to Kabul city.[5]

The reserve has been developed for trout fishing with a brooder set up close to the reservoir.[2] As part of the statement, apart from the lakeside upscale Spojhmai hotel,[8] there is a 9-hole game course at the extreme outside of the reservoir.[9][7] A new hydrological station has been set up since 2008 at the location of the reservoir for the planning of water supplies development as part of the network of 174 hydrological stations and 60 snow measures and meteorological stations proposed in the country. This project is supported by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).[10]

As part of future for alternate sources of power, utilization of the stored waters of the reservoir and the drop available in the dam has been studied.

There was a terrorist attack by the Taliban at the hotel on the edge of the reserve on 22 June 2012, as it was suspected that it was one of the principal centres of prostitution and partying in Kabul. Twenty people including security personnel and the terrorists were killed in the encounter.[11]

Best Things to do in Qargha Dam

The body of water the dam creates provides the perfect place for recreational activities, so you can go surfing, swimming, or boating during your vacation. You can to a picknick back on the shore or go golfing at a nearby course. See Qargha Reservoir and all Kabul has to offer by managing your trip with ours. Now, this historic town is characterized by gardens and active bazaars. Although a lot of the old design of the city was destroyed by consistent wars, remnants of its once glorious past are still visible.

Best Things

  • Monument. Buddha Niches
  • Museum. Kabul Museum
  • Fortress. Bala Hissar & City Walls
  • Islamic. Minaret of Jam
  • Mosque. Friday Mosque
  • in Herat. Old City
  • Islamic Shrine. Gazar Gah
  • Architecture. Musalla Complex & Minarets.

Where to Stay Qargha Dam

Qargha Dam reservoir Kabul in Afghanistan. Places to stay in Qargha Reservoir. Beautiful old house by a beautiful garden located in the most access able neighbourhood in Kabul. The house is on a walking distance of nice restaurants, cafes and shopping areas and a short drive from the airport. and has a hotel on its bank. There is a tank development in the reservoir supported by a brooder on its banks. Irrigation and hydropower developments have additionally been planned from the storied waters of the reservoir.

Best Hotels in Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan Hotel is a wonderful hotel in Qargha Dam. This is the popular towns in Afghanistan. Discover Afghanistan by exploring its top regions. Discover Qargha Dam with travelling its regions.


  • Kabul Intercontinental
  • Kabul Serena Hotel
  • Safi Landmark Hotel & Suites
  • Kabul Star Hotel
  • The Baron – Kabul
  • Moon Hotel Kabul
  • Darya Village Hotel and Business Park
  • Park Star Hotel
  • Q Kabul Hotel
  • Kabul Central Hote

Qargha Dam Best Food

Drove in amongst advocates to the reservoir – just some kilometres from Kabul village. You can expect to find including with subdivision in tow in packs on weekends. This is a pool – which satisfies the river to the town. The noisy air with milling crowds. There are old boats including diesel motors for the sailing experience. One has the ideal to go in an independent boat or join the companies in a large vessel – the experience is fun also boosting! Then you can also sip inexperienced tea, munch on tender & succulent kebabs or smooth try the Sis-ha in a number of joints adjacent to the lake – also offering a sensational view of the water body! But one piece of advice chooses the original story cafe in case you want to have the best view of the sea. Do take a walk around – the way leading to the mouth gives a feel-good opinion about the country, the anxious locals by families out to have a Great Time, the young kids jostling around, the eager parking employees soliciting to earn their tips. And in case you want to stay late & have an early morning sunrise look of the lake – there is a couple of decent resorts close-by. And you don’t possess to prior bookings as salons are frequently available. However advisable to have local help to sort out an arrangement – as a convenience. Overall, a weekend escape gate-away & a nice place to go for a boat ride!

The Best Month to Visit The Qargha Dam

Qargha Lake: Nice place for the – See 39 traveller reviews, 39 candid photos, … This sea is not far away from Kabul, tranquil when you catch a good day. … This is my common every month visit place, and some months 

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