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Where is Located:

Sylhet was a town in eastern Bangladesh, on the Surma River. It was located 24.90 latitudes and 91.87 longitudes and it was situated at elevation 26 meters above sea level. This has a population of over 237,000 making it the biggest city. The city was located on the right bank of the Surma River in northeastern Bengal. Sylhet was one of Bangladesh’s most important spiritual and cultural centers. This was a domain of the Bengal Sultanate. The Sylhet City Corporation authorized in 2001. The Government of Bangladesh designated This a metropolitan area in 2009. It was one of the most important cities of Bangladesh, after Dhaka and Chittagong due to it’s importance to the country’s economy. Sylhet was one of the most beautiful cities in Bangladesh because it’s a natural beauty

Best Things to Do in Sylhet

This was about 250 kilometers northeast of the capital Dhaka and the most northeastern division in Bangladesh. Sy-lhet was blessed with a beautiful green landscape. Sy-lhet was one of the oldest cities of Bangladesh, because of it, this encounters a number of tourists visit every year. The places was well known for its tropical forests and tea gardens. It was one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Bangladesh environ by the Jaintia, Khasi and Tripura hills. Sylhet was well known for its natural beauty and amazing glorious history. Some best things to do in Sylhet.

  • Malonichora Tea garden.
  • Ratargul Swamp Forest.
  • Lala Khal Tea Gardens.
  • Local cooking class.
  • Local market in Jaintiapur.
  • Visit a workers camp at the Quarry.
  • Boat trip.
  • Camp on the riverbank.
  • Visit the Khasi Tribe.
  • Local villages.

Most Popular Hotels

This As it was a tourist place you will get a number of options there. There are many hotels in Sylhet division. Some hotels are very luxury and expensive. These hotels are very luxury and comfort. This hotel’s members’ behavior is very gently. They are all respect in there customers. Some hotels in This are very attractive in tourists because of his luxury looking and place choice. Book the best hotel in Sylhet as this would make you feel relax with the best services which are an important part of the tour for sure.


  • Hotel Garden Inn.
  • Rose View Hotel.
  • Hotel Star Pacific.
  • Hotel Noorjahan Grand.
  • Nirvana Inn.
  • Nazimgarh Resorts.
  • Excelsior Hotel & Resort.
  • Shuktara Nature Retreat.
  • Hotel Holy Gate.
  • Britannia Hotel.

Famous Restaurant in City

A good number of restaurants are ready in Sylhet. They offer delicious bangle food to multi-cuisine. This restaurant food is very delicious and also famous. Every tourist definitely test Bangla food in the restaurant

  • Woodall King Kebab.
  • Panshi Restaurant.
  • The Mad Grill.
  • Eutopia.
  • Platinum Lounge.
  • Kabia.
  • Kebab Garden.
  • Hot Spot.
  • Hideout Cafe.
  • Inayah’s Cafe & Restaurant.

Tourist Attractions in Sylhet: This is one of the beautiful cities in Bangladesh. It’s natural beauty and amazing glorious history is attractive by tourists. The city was famous among the locals and foreign tourists. If we talk about the culture than that was tremendous and Manipuri dance is famous in the constitutional communities in Manipuri. There are lots of attractions in Sy-lhet like Tambil, Jaflong, Ratargul water lake, Bholaganj is most popular and also Sylhet was famous for its tea gardens. There are a lot of tea gardens in Sylhet. The most attractive place in Sylhet is was Malonichora Tea garden. The most beautiful place with evergreen surroundings. The tea garden was merged with endless natural beauty. This place will definitely make you feel that nature. The city was famous for its tea and tea garden, 90% tea of the country is produced in City. It was the most beautiful place to visit. Another attraction place was Ratargul Swamp Forest. You can have a wonderful practice in Ratargul Swamp Forest. It’s trees diving into the crystal water and scenario will make you feel happy. In winters the scenario was different as you will get to see Rattan there. You can go there with a small boat and also enjoy the hills of Mizoram as well and also the beauty of nature. You will definitely visit this place. It was a very attractive place.

Most Popular Sylhet Shopping Malls:

Sylhet has a variety of malls and bazaars which offer customers everything of goods for sale. The comparatively new influx of refugee money has rapidly transformed Sylhet into a shoppers city. Hand-made textiles are a specialty. Zindabazar is the shopper’s paradise where most of the big mall is located. For famous local fabric Manipuri fabric, all the good shops located in the Lamabazar area. Be informed of your personal belongings as you walk around, robbers are rampant and unnoticeable among large crowds.
Places to shop:

  • Al Hamra
  • Blue Water
  • Millennnium
  • Aarong
  • Monorom
  • Artisti
  • Westex
  • Kumarpara
  • London Mansion

Sylhet Weather:

October-December: The best season to visit Sylhet, the average temperature falls around 74℉. The climate is great for outdoors, the air is fairly humid. This is various likely one of the best times to visit Sylhet and also a traveler high season.

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